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If you experience an issue with Serraview or have any questions, there will be one or more System Administrators (super users) within your Corporate Real Estate team who will be able to assist with the following issue types:

  • General questions around the functionality of the product
  • Error reporting
  • Assistance with floorplan updates and imports
  • Triage and action of customization requests.

If your System Administrator is unable to assist, they may raise a support ticket, or ask you to raise one directly with Serraview Support team.

The Serraview Client Services provide advanced support to System Administrators, in addition to triaging issues and answering questions from general users. Serraview Client Services can assist with the following issue types:

  • General questions around the functionality of the product.
  • Processing training and documentation requests.
  • Error reporting.
  • Tasks such as assistance with imports, refer to File Upload.
  • Performing reporting customization.
  • Feature requests.
  • Advanced technical issue triage.

Raise Support Ticket

All support tickets raised are managed and resolved according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Serraview terms and conditions. To raise a support ticket for the Serraview Support team, you can either use the Zendesk form or email support at

Do not attach sensitive data to emails sent to Email is not a secure method of transferring information and receiving them may be in breach of Serraview's or your organization's security protocols. If you want to send a file, then use the File Upload.

Zendesk Support Tickets

Any email sent to the support address is sent to our support ticket management system called Zendesk. You will be sent a reply email with your ticket number to enable you to track the progress of your request.

Your System Administrator can assist with liaising with Serraview to give you appropriate access to track your support tickets. If you need to view all the tickets from anyone at your company then please request this to the Serraview Support team and they will set this up.

View your Support Tickets

You can view all the tickets you have raised.

  1. Navigate to the If you are signed into Serraview and have a Zendesk account then you will be automatically signed into Zendesk.
  2. Click the Sign in button.
  3. In the Email field, enter your email.
  4. Click the Sign in button. The warning message displays "Email address / password combination is incorrect. Try again or get a new password."
  5. In the red box, click the get a new password link. The "Please set me up with a new password" displays. Your email will automatically populate.
  6. Click the Submit button. The Check your email message displays. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. From the email, click the link to reset your password. Reset your password and you will be signed in.
  7. Click on your name in the top-right corner.
  8. Click My activities.

The screen will display a list of tickets that you have raised. From here you can filter this list with the Status drop-down menu, search for specific tickets with the Search Requests search bar, or click on the Subject of any ticket to read it. Also, you can view tickets you have been copied in on.

Serraview Support Contact Numbers

To contact Serraview Client Services directly, the following numbers can be called during regular business hours (local time) Monday to Friday to speak to our friendly support team.

United States:  +1-800-903-3716

Australia: +61-3-4422-4488

Europe/United Kingdom: +44-238-144-0194

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